Sunday, January 17, 2010

today I'm sixty-four

Today I'm sixty-four.  

We celebrated Steve Altmutter's 65th birthday and admired his new red, white & blue Medicare card.  Nancy is very busy helping Julia (photo above) pack for a semester abroad, in Florence, Italy; and preparing for tonight's festivities.  Matt is busy painting, picking up Grandma and Vesuvius pizza.  Luke is busy being a dude. Let the good times roll. 

This blog hopes to be about bicycles, coffee, and psychology.  I like to ride bicycles, tinker with bikes and coffee machines, and am contemplating a ride in Italy & France, late in May.  I have some psychological thoughts about bikes & transportation, about coffee & other psychoactive agents, and about aging & living.  I'm becoming increasingly fond of reminiscing.


  1. Many an artist has come of age at 64. Although I cannot think of any at the moment, I am sure it is true.
    After all is said and done, we will not any of us have done better than to have tinkered with bikes and coffee machines in various parts of the world under the influence of the muse. Happy Birthday. Rob

  2. Well, Larry, what a good conversation to start. And since, as you know, I turned 64 6 weeks ago, I will comment from my position of experience. First comment being, wouldn't it be great if we no longer paid such attention to these age differences by the time we are 64!
    My overriding preoccupation, since I am single, is probably: "Will you still love me?" and I have lots of other preoccupations to keep me going - my new piece of land, my next car - I went for a Prius - lowering my carbon footprint with both of the last two. However, enough, this is your blog. And Happy New Year! Andrew the kiwi.

  3. Thank you for lunch at Oliveira's Brazillian restaurant, and I look forward to touring the Spanish and Brazillian cuisine spots around the North Shore to find other gems, whenever you're ready. It is always refreshing to spend time with you, who for me embodies a detached zany amused stance on the World we all need to be reminded about. Blog On!!

  4. Happy Birthday! Keep biking and enjoying the finer things of life... and reminiscing over a good cup of coffee... Remember Brookline... I'm with you in many ways!


  5. Happy Birthday, Larry! As a wise medical practitioner once said (can't recall which one) about graceful aging, the secret is "wine, women, and song ... and when too tired for that, stop singing." Stu

  6. I'm a bit late here, but my wish is sincere: Happy Birthday. I'm looking forward to what your blog will bring.